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Tetas Group successfully operating with 700 staff, each experienced in their own field; forms of 9 seperate companies contain Textile and Sewing Machinery, Spare Parts and Consumables, Stacking Machines, Stationary, Garment Production, Finance and Insuarance, Printing House and Label Printing services which own a wide range of products.  
 Behind the rapid growth of Tetas Group; determining the needs of market well, following the technological developments closely, giving importance to human resources and staff and policy of sharing the data.  

Tetaş İç ve Dış Ticaret A.Ş., one of the oldest and Long-Established company of Tetaş Group of companies, was founded in Istanbul in 1982 with the aim of serving to the textile machinery industry. Tetaş İç ve Dış Ticaret AŞ., today continues to contribute in our country’s economy in several sectors with its approximately 300 professional employees.
Tetas İç ve Dış Tic. A.Ş. with its experienced personnel and technological infrastructure has brought many product ranges together under the same umbrella from past to present. With its philosophy of customer orientation, it is the first and only corporate firm in the industry, which combined success with collaboration based on trust between the suppliers and customers for a long time now.

With its retail and wholesale teams and technical service personnel, Tetaş headquarter is in İstanbul as well as Bayrampaşa branche and also has 5 branches in Ankara, Bursa, İzmir, Denizli, Gaziantep.
It has been also constituting dealers in lots of foreign countries by carrying out sales and marketing operations with its overseas sales team. 


To become a transparent, leading and indispensable
business partner in the market, which creates added

To become an example-setting company in sharing with
our gains, customers, employees, shareholders, those
whose customers we are and the society we live in.

To become more transparent, to become a market
leader and to have a firm place in the market as an
exemplary company.


To support the quality system by the contribution of
all the employees and to improve it continuously. To
develop our products in line with customer demands,
which are environment-friendly and reliable to users.
To offer products at internationally accepted standards
to our customers. In line with customer needs and
demands, to provide the highest level of customer
satisfaction. Task and responsibilities of each employee,
are designated according to results which overcome
demands in contractuals that are made with customers.
In other words, for each employee, to be accountable
for the quality and accurate implementation of the work
carried out. To work in collaboration and mutual trust
with our suppliers, customers and employees and to
increase our efficiency.